English ~How to use ”Kuru-kuru Pump UP”~

How to use

Kuru-kuru Pump Up is light and effective muscle training equipment using centrifugal force effectively.
You won’t be sore because it doesn’t put a lot of stress on your muscles.

The following is how to train your muscles with Kuru-kuru Pump Up effectively.
Comparing to other training equipment, it doesn’t have many strict rules, but it’s much more effective for your muscles. If you fully utilize and follow the instructions. (Effects vary from person to person.)


About the ball rotary motion


When you use Kuru-kuru Pump Up for the first time, hold it in one hand and practice shaking it to make the ball rotate. Do not turn your hand around in circle. The ball inside rotates when you shake it from side to side.

Do not use your wrist. You should shake it with entire your arm.

The ball makes a rhythmical sound when it rotates. If you cannot hear the sound continuously, it means the ball is not rotating properly.
Keep rotating it so that you hear the sound and gradually lessen the swing of your arm.

The smaller your arm’s swing is, the faster the ball rotates. It stimulates and pumps up your muscles. Take protein and sugar to increase muscles growth, while your brain secretes growth hormone.

Since you can control the rotation by yourself, it won’t be a burden on your body. If you use it to relieve a stiff shoulder or rehab, you should shake it slowly at the beginning.

If you are an athlete or a healthy person who wants to build muscle, try to shake it with as little movement as possible. The most important thing is to keep making a rhythmical sound while you’re training.


Here is the video of training for pectoral muscles. Hear the sound of Kuru-kuru Pump Up closely.


Start training and pump up

Try to train for a minute at first.

Kuru-kuru Pump Up gives stress to your muscles to pump them up. You can feel pumped up muscles while using it several times.

When your muscles are pumped up, your brain secretes growth hormone. It’s effective for growing muscles, also take protein and sugar when you workout. It is said that growth hormone dissolves fat and repairs damaged cells, so it’s also effective for diet and preventing signs of age.

If you think you can keep training after a minute training, try smaller rotations for a minute. Use more muscles by applying a better load.


Duration of training

The standard duration of training is 30 seconds to a minute. If you can keep shaking it for a minute easily or think you can do it longer, shake it faster. A repshould be close to a minute and try do 10 sets to train many parts of your body.

Kuru-kuru Pump Up controls weight based on the rotation speed. Start the training from a slow speed and shake it faster and faster to pump up your muscles.

It’s better to shake it so fast that you can’t do it over a minute compared to shaking for a long time.

If you are a professional sports player or a healthy person who wants a muscular body, it’s better to use Kuru-kuru Pump Up after your usual muscle training.

In my case, a minute Kuru-kuru Pump Up training is so hard for me even though I can lift 100kg bench press.


Preparation for effective training

If you work out for over an hour, it’s better to take amino acid (BCAAs) and protein to increase muscle mass.

You should take these supplements several times because of the speed of absorption.
(1)Take arginine and protein 2 hours before training.
(2)Take BCAA 30 minutes before training.
(3)Take BCAA again just before training.
(4)Take BCAA at any time during training.
(5)Take sugar, protein and glutamine to raise blood sugar level after training.

When growth hormone is secreted, sugar works not for fat but muscles, so it’s better to take sugar that has high glycemic index.

◎For people who workout casually

Kuru-kuru Pump Up doesn’t give you too much muscle fatigue usually, but if you have it…
-Take a jelly drink before training.
-Drink soy milk, orange juice or milk after training.



-Make sure you put your finger in the hole so that you won’t throw it while training.
-The ball rotates with the complex construction. Do not give it strong shocks and when you store it avoid hot and cold places like inside of a car in summer.
-It’s not water-proof. Do not use it in the shower.



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